Success Stories

  • It was hard for me to remove the conditions of my conditional residency, although I was with a legal attorney. Then, fortunately, I’ve contacted Mrs. Khalaf and here are the things that makes her unique: 1) You just need to tell her your story once, and she’ll remember it forever, she’s fully focused with you and giving you total attention. 2) She knows what she’s talking about, and she clarify everything to you. 3) And most importantly; she helps you in writing your affidavit in a clear and systematic way. And this is extremely important, because sometimes you might have all the evidence required, BUT if your lawyer doesn’t know how to put it in context, then your application won’t be clear and you’ll get rejected from the immigration. I can really say for a personal experience that sometimes it’s all about hiring the right lawyer, and not about the case per se. And Mrs Khalaf is a great example of a “right” lawyer that you want to hire.

  • Used Ms. Khalaf for an immigration matter for my wife and step-son. I can’t describe how confident she made us feel during the whole process and finalization. She is the best you will find for this process. No need to look anywhere else if you need an attorney for this matter. She does excellent work and we are totally happy and grateful for the work she done for us.

  • I have been to many lawyers in the past but Ms. Khalaf is no comparison. She and her firm have proven to be one of the most competent around. Her creativity in resolving issues is above the norm.

  • Mr. Abuzir far exceeded my expectations. I had a very complicated immigration issue that several lawyers declined because of the level of complexity. Mr. Abuzir accepted my case and handled it exceptionally. I am so pleased with this attorney. I would recommend him without any hesitation!

  • I rate him among the very best immigration lawyers in the Chicago area. He was always available to me to give advice in person, or by email. He is a patient listener and gave great consideration not just to the Law, but to my fears and anxieties. His promptness in replying to my emails was indeed very heartening and assured me that my attorney was on top of things. I highly recommend him.

  • Omar represented me in my Deportation case a little over 2 years ago and did a great job! Obviously, I’m still here. My case was a bit complicated but Mr. Abuzir was very straight forward and advised me what and when to expect my case to be heard and processed. Mr. Abuzir was highly recommended to me by another good friend of mine. I owe him my life because If I were to be deported back to Mexico, I know my life would have been miserable. My first attorney took 8,000 from me over a period of 4 years and did absolutely nothing for me. Mr. Abuzir took a fraction of that and gave me my green card!

  • Omar represented my husband in case his immigration court. He was very understanding of our situation and very knowledgeable of the laws. After looking at his papers he was able to determine the defenses my husband was eligible for and was candid as to my husband’s chances and what to expect. We spoke with other attorneys who could not tell us half of what Mr. Abuzir was able to explain to us. He is very prompt in returning calls and guided us through the entire process. Ultimately he won the case for us and is now applying for my husband’s citizenship. Great attorney!!

  • I went to a few lawyers before speaking to Mr. Abuzir. He was the only one that was completely honest with me and told me what to expect. The process was exactly as he informed me. You could also tell he is regularly at the immigration office as most the employees there would greet him. You can tell he’s an experienced attorney when another attorney came up to him to ask him a question regarding immigration law. I would highly recommend him to other people.