Khalaf & Abuzir’s very own Vivian Khalaf visited the U.S. southern border  crossing into Tijuana, Mexico. The trip was a collaborative effort among attorneys, human rights organizations and social service agencies.  The days were filled with visiting shelters, attending seminars and speaking to migrants- experiencing first-hand the hardships and lack of resources refugees face on a daily basis. The stories in the news are no comparision to the shocking encounters witnessed at the southern border. Among other things, Vivian Khalaf observed a refugee area where dozens of asylum seekers were awainting their claims to be heard. She also encountered barries and structures of separation littered with heart-breaking messages left by those who are seeking freedom, but sadly have been restricted from achieving it.

Vivian has over 30- years of experience in the field of immigration law assisting immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers. She has worked to help the people at the border understand their immigration rights by providing support to those who needed it most. Khalaf & Abuzir commends Vivian for her vigilant efforts at the border. Photos from her journey can be seen here.