Introducing the Khalaf & Abzuir client portal through LawConnect. Get organized and stay on top of managing your paperwork simply by using your email address. You can also upload information, or make an inquiry through the portal.

The global pandemic has given us the opportunity to show us how to live and work online. Now more than ever, we are relying on digital means to help us communicate better and more efficiently. The COVID-19 crisis has brought new needs for digital services. Our objective is to make sure we still feel connected while we practice social distancing.

The Khalaf & Abuzir client portal allows us to organize, collaborate and share legal documents safely and securely. And it’s all done online! There is no setup or installation needed. All you need is an email and password.

In addition to the client portal, our firm now offers online payments for your convenience. The purpose of these virtual services is to make certain we continue to connect with clients, no matter the situation.

Have questions about how to use the portal? Contact us today for assistance on how to set-up an account, or access the Khalaf & Abuzir client portal from the top menu bar of the ImmigrationJD homepage website to set-up an account.